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2 November 2018

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7th birthday
29 November 2017

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6 November 2017

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Small feet
15 October 2017

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4 August 2010

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on charmin

Attatudy on Carnival ride
Thanks Omid

omid on Carnival ride
such beautiful composition, colors, lights & movement! Amazing shot!

omid on Charlotte
:) Lovely portrait!

omid on Small feet
:)))))) Memorable & lovely shot !!!

omid on 7th birthday
so cute! :) Lovely portrait!

Existence Artistique on 7th birthday

Attatudy on Victoria
Thank you. It was all her doing. I just said "hey Tori, look at Nana". :D

omid on Victoria
such beautiful pose & lights! Lovely portrait!

Irlene Flansburg on Number one grandson
Thanks Omid

omid on Number one grandson
Lovely portrait!

Existence Artistique on 5 of 7
belle complicité

Dimitrios on 5 of 7
MAY that 7 day arrive soon, before they grow too fast!

omid on 5 of 7
:) :) Lovely portraits!

Phil Morris on 5 of 7
Gotta love how the young boy imitates the lying down position with his head, perfect family photo !~

omid on Bath time
:) Lovely portraits!

Phil Morris on Bath time
Reminds me of those creepy Bounty commercials !

Existence Artistique on Bath time

Irlene Flansburg on Bath time
Not sure why this photo will not upload correctly. Hope you dont get a stiff neck.

Irlene Flansburg on Charlotte
she is 8 now. I really need to get back to my photography.

L'Angevine on New Papa

L'Angevine on Sharing a cookie

Vert Pomme on Princess Bell

Marie-Line on Princess Bell
Nice to meet you Princess Bell

Foto Clipping on Chalk Drawing artist extraordinary
ooo great :D

Paco Rubio on Chalk Drawing artist extraordinary

attatudy on Chalk Drawing artist extraordinary
ROFL@ myself. Thats not cork thats a piece of chalk.. doh. ty for the comment ace

The#1AcePhotog on Chalk Drawing artist extraordinary
Great image!

Attatudy on Chalk Drawing artist extraordinary
I have no idea where the cork came from. LOL

Paco Rubio on work of art
Nice picture ... the price they pay the artists! Greetings!

alex centrella on Tree at Sunset

Attatudy on Tree at Sunset
Thanks Franz

Franz on Tree at Sunset
not if judged by this shot! terrific colors and very impressive silhouettes!

Paco Rubio on cat
Miauuuuuuuu... A great portrait! Greetings

JCJ on cat
meoooww : ) cute picture

Paco on Mike can paint
Very good composition ... Greetings

Scene by Sharon Photography on Victoria
Phil has said it best - this is truly beautiful

Scene by Sharon Photography on Two sick
very sweet shot - I hope they are both recovered now

Scott F. Schilling on Fog
Wonderful light and fog!

Zora Zoé - sichtbar fotogrativ on Two sick
Even if both are sick - they look very comfortable and very cuddly together :-) Lovely shot :-)

Zora Zoé - sichtbar fotogrativ on Victoria
so lovely!!!!

Attatudy on Charlotte
Thanks all :) shes just as sweet as she looks too.

Mahdi on Charlotte
wow, i love this image

Mahdi on Victoria
very nice shot

Mahdi on Two sick
great capture, love the tones

Calusarus on Victoria
With this ray of light, this portrait is wonderful

Phil David Alexander Morris on Victoria
A real work of art with the lighting, shadow and wonderful angle, I love the way the eye has been singled out here.

Dawn on Charlotte
Precious. Lovely capture! : )

Michael Skorulski on Charlotte
Very sweet portrait. Enjoyable.

larry on Charlotte
Really candid and cute.

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